The New Pumpkin Spice Chai

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

If you like muted flavours in your tea - this is not your chai blend.

The Autumn Blend was created to bring the chaiwala (tea maker) a strong nostalgia for the winter ahead. From those cosy nights by the crackling wood fireplace to the warm morning sun shining in the crisp air. It truly is a drink for the colder season.

As teaologists we thought long and hard about how to bring back the cosy after a more-ish summer of iced chai, whilst keeping to the authenticity of masala chai, So, we blended the old with the modern, and fused new ingredients with our chai traditions. From one nation to another this blend makes for a spectacular cup of autumn by using the notorious flavours of fall.

The Autumn Blend's nuanced flavours make for a blend of immaculate balance of sweet and heat, whilst not being too spicy. Orange, pumpkin and cardamom teases the sweet flavours. Root ginger and cinnamon brings the heat and warmth, whilst still staying true to the masala blends’ roots.

Weekdays are pressurised by those foggy, sleepless nights and, even though there are a multitude of ways to take the ease off of your day, we favour The Autumn Blend. We created this blend to celebrate the colder months, recognising the looming of slower days. Re-energise yourself with irresistible orange - the festive powerhouse, inviting cardamom which is bright and soothing to the pallet, and intense ginger to open up your appetite (with the added boost to your immune system).

Try Chai Blue’s take on pumpkin spice masala chai tea with - we recommend our favourite milk alternative (oat milk) for a silky and creamy cup of chai. And, of course, let us know what you think.

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