Our Story

Meet the Co- Founders

About Us

Lauren and Jasmine met at University in 2014 and immediately became friends. Both being avid tea drinkers, Lauren fell in love with Jasmine's traditional masala chai that has been passed down in her family for generations. They knew that they wanted to share their passion for tea with others. So, in March 2021, they decided to take the leap and Chai Blue was formed.


Chai Blue

Traditional Indian chai is known for its aromatic herbs and spices and its beautiful, varying tastes between households, cultures and regions.


Nowadays the mainstream chai that we find on the high-street, shops and cafes tends to sway from tradition. They grind spices down so that chai lattes lose its raw, sharp and fresh taste that genuine chai celebrates.


Chai Blue brings the tradition back to making chai, using full spices and loose leaf black tea and letting you, the customer, create the experience of making it at home, using your hob and kitchen tools. Our perfect masala and karak chai use cardamom pods, cinnamon sticks and fennel, to name a few, so your home will be filled with the smells of the best chai. Once you've made it once, we know you'll never go back!

Our Mission

Our mission is to share loose leaf traditional chai recipes across the UK for other tea-lovers to enjoy! We adore this tea and hope that you love it as much as we do.

As part of this journey, we are both dedicated to sustainability and doing everything we can do to curb our carbon footprint and ensure that we are creating products that are respectful of the environment, with as minimal waste as possible. We ensure that our products and packaging are eco-friendly and we prioritise options that are either recyclable, reusable or degradable, right down to our mailing bags.